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Washington, DC, Show Brings Jolt of Electric Fun and Innovation! It was a summer spectacle like no other—the much-anticipated Electrify Expo finally made its dazzling debut in the heart of Washington, DC. The East Coast had never seen such an event before, as the festival took the city by storm with cutting-edge EVs, e-bikes, and…

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Custom Wide Body 2020 Tesla Model 3

From Concept to Masterpiece In Clifton, New Jersey, a new era in electric vehicle modification has emerged. AJ Velasco, a software solution engineer, embarked on a journey to transform his 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance into a masterpiece of automotive artistry and metal craftsmanship.  The Artisan Spirits Black Label carbon fiber lip completes the frontend transformation. Named…

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State of Charge 2023: Unleashing the Potential of EV Conversions and the Future of Electric Mobility

SOC23 Unplugs the Future of EV-Retrofit The second annual State of Charge event was abuzz with excitement as EV conversion enthusiasts from all over the country gathered in Golden, Colorado, just outside of Denver, during the first week of August at the Colorado School of Mines. This educational conference for performance EV conversions featured various…

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Robert Downey Jr.’s ’65 Corvette sports seven 5.3-kwh Tesla battery modules!

Robert Downey Jr.’s Electrifying Drive In the realm of Hollywood’s most iconic figures, Robert Downey Jr. has long been a shining star. Famous for his portrayal of Iron Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this 58-year-old actor boasts a legacy of on-screen heroics. Yet, when the final credits rolled on his superhero journey in 2019’s…

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Electrifying Horizons: The Rise of Custom EVs and Transformed Classics

As we wrap up this issue, one thing is crystal clear: The electrifying surge of enthusiasm for EV-converted classics and custom modern EVs is propelling the car world into uncharted territory—and we’re loving every second of it. A quiet revolution is taking place from coast to coast and across the globe. A collective nod of approval…

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Tesla Takeover 2023: A Grand Gathering of EV Enthusiasts in San Luis Obispo

Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley Take Over San Luis Obispo With this third edition, the Tesla Owners of Silicon Valley has definitely delivered the most important Tesla event—and the club is planning for even more! The Tesla Takeover was a sight to behold. On July 29-30, more than 1,500 Teslas fans from all over the US…

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DANCING WITH THE STAR | the Econ 2002te

Bavarian Econs Revives the Ultimate Driving Machine Reviving the past while embracing the future is a delicate dance between nostalgia and innovation, and Bavarian Econs, based in Munich, Germany, has not only mastered it, but has also elevated it to an art form with its latest creation, the Econ 2002te. Picture this: a sunny afternoon, a…

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White House Revs Up the Clean Energy Economy Through Innovative Training Pathways

Legacy EV President Mavrick Knoles engaged in a spirited conversation with business leaders and policymakers at the White House, discussing innovative strategies to empower the next generation of electric vehicle builders. As the world shifts toward cleaner and greener transportation solutions, the United States is stepping into the driver’s seat of the electric vehicle revolution. In…

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