Legacy EV's 1930 Ford Model A Electric Hot Rod: Honoring Tradition with Modern Electrification

Legacy EV’s 1930 Ford Model A Honor the Past, Protect the Future” is Legacy EV’s short-yet-sweet mission statement. While simple enough to say, these six […]

Fuel2Electric: The Ultimate Platform for EV Conversion Enthusiasts

EV Conversion Projects Come to Life with New Platform  Car enthusiasts can now turn their electric-vehicle-conversion dreams into reality thanks to Fuel2Electric, a one-of-a-kind resource […]

Legacy EV's Education Roadshow! Transforming Workforce for the Growing Electric Vehicle Landscape

Legacy EV’s Education Roadshow As EVs gain popularity among OEMs and aftermarket builders alike, many question if the world is prepared to provide the necessary […]

Breaking Down Electric Motors!

Electric motors may seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Most electric motors only have one primary moving part, compared to an internal combustion […]

SEMA 2023: Aftermarket EVs Accelerate into the Limelight

Onwards and Upwards! What a Single Event Can Show Us In many ways SEMA is the annual pulse check of the aftermarket automotive industry. Exciting […]

Wired for Safety: The Science Behind Electrical Bonding in Electric Vehicles

How Electrical Bonding Can Save Your Life As cooler months descend upon us, so do tacky wool sweaters. If you’ve had the opportunity to wear […]

Prepare the Next Generation of EV Technicians

Educational Institutions Begin to Fill the EV Technician Labor Gap Wow, we have all heard the stereotypes about the kind of people who go into […]

Be Electric Vehicle Savvy: A Guide To Understanding EV Jargon

The Comprehensive Guide to EV Jargon—Version 2! Following the first part of the dictionary in our first issue, here comes the second batch of equally […]

State of Charge: Unplugging the Future of EV-Retrofit at the Colorado School of Mines

SOC Unplugs the Future of EV-Retrofit The second annual State of Charge event was abuzz with excitement as EV conversion enthusiasts from all over the […]

The Holley Performance High Voltage Experience: EV Dominance

Holley High Voltage 2022 Round 2 of the annual High Voltage Experience presented by Holley Performance was once again held at the amazing Sonoma Raceway […]