Retrofitting the DeLorean for an Electric Future

Retrofitting the DeLorean for the Future In Reno, Nevada, a software engineer named Jacob Graham has transformed the iconic 1981 DeLorean DMC-12 into an electric […]

Legacy EV's 1930 Ford Model A Electric Hot Rod: Honoring Tradition with Modern Electrification

Legacy EV’s 1930 Ford Model A Honor the Past, Protect the Future” is Legacy EV’s short-yet-sweet mission statement. While simple enough to say, these six […]

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Legacy EV's Education Roadshow! Transforming Workforce for the Growing Electric Vehicle Landscape

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Breaking Down Electric Motors!

Electric motors may seem complicated, but they don’t have to be. Most electric motors only have one primary moving part, compared to an internal combustion […]

Reviving a Classic! Kevin Erickson's Electric Transformation of a 1972 Plymouth Satellite

A Silent but Deadly Plymouth EV conversions are, for some people, a hard pill to swallow. It’s true! Dyed-in-the-wool ICE folks just can’t imagine that […]

Revved Up and Electric! Kelli Hunsaker's Dream Tesla Plaid Build

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Unleashing the Echo EV! Lucy Block's Journey to Electric Racing Glory

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From Gas to Electric: Maintaining Comfort in EV Conversions

Keeping Creature Comforts, Even When Gas is Gone! Electric motors do not need to be running when the vehicle is stopped, and they generate significantly […]

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