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Seth Burgett, founder and chief executive officer of Gateway Bronco, has built his company to be one of the leading niche restomod specialists in the world. In fact, Gateway is so steeped in Bronco culture that it owns the very first Bronco prototype, which had once even belonged to the legendary Carroll Shelby. To say that Seth eats, sleeps, and breathes Broncos would be a vast understatement!


Gateway Bronco has built lots of beautiful Broncos over the years, each better than the one before. With each iteration, the company infused the latest technology to bring classic Broncos into the 21st century. So, it makes complete sense that the company would be involved in the next historic chapter of the Bronco—electric power! And, of course, since all of Gateway Bronco’s builds as capable off road as well as on, this thing had to be able to traverse the toughest terrain while also making good time on the highway.

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