EV Builder’s Guide: Learn about Electric Vehicle Conversions
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EV Builders Guide Summer/Fall 2023


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About the Magazine

Join us as we delve into the booming world of converted-to-electric classic cars and modified modern electric vehicles. Come along, and we'll present you with cutting-edge advancements in EV technology and show you how YOU can transform your gas guzzler into your dream EV! As always, this issue takes a global perspective, shedding light on the electrification movement around the world through captivating feature stories. From a 1965 Mustang from Colorado to a Cobra from SoCal, from a 1981 Mercedes-Benz 280 SLC in Switzerland to a Land Rover Defender in the UK, we've traveled around the globe to bring you the most exciting conversions out there. Passionate about Teslas, Mach-Es, and modern EVs in general? We've got you covered with the best-modified EVs on the planet. Bagged Model Ys from Vegas? Check. Slammed Mach-E from Cali? Check. We've even got a budget-friendly Tesla Roadster and more! Last but certainly not least, we bring you the greatest build tips and options for training, whether online or in person. So, get ready to learn everything you've always wanted to know about EVs—but were afraid to ask! Now, fasten your seatbelts and get ready for the best read you'll have had in a while.

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