EV Builder’s Guide: Learn about Electric Vehicle Conversions
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EV Builders Guide Summer 2024 Digital


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About the Magazine

Welcome to the latest edition of the EV Builders Guide! Dive into empowering the electric revolution with insights on EV technician training and diverse conversion enthusiasts. Discover Terry Breheny's Ohm Wagon, blending old-school cool with new-school zoom. Explore electrified classics like a 1972 Toyota Hilux and a DeLorean retrofit for the future. Uncover the Chevy 3100 by Southfield Classic and the E-Cobra, swapping cubic inches for volts. Witness APP EV's Porsche 911 conversion, retaining classic soul. Experience the thrill of pulling amps at El Mirage and EVs at the Barrett-Jackson Auction. Delve into tech topics like decoding 'loss of isolation' and ensuring creature comforts in the absence of gas. Don't miss the latest parts, industry directory, and editor's insights in this comprehensive guide to the electric vehicle world.

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