Everrati’s Electric Porsche 964

The UK-based EV conversion specialist, Everrati, built an inaugural 964 conversion for US customer-turned-investor Matt Rogers. The “Signature” model has a 62-kWh battery sending electrons […]

e-Mercedes G-Class Convertible Rocks the Off-Road World!

Hold onto your hats, G-Wagen aficionados! A once-humble Mercedes-Benz G-Class G320, a two-door soft-top rarity, has been electrified into a Tesla-powered off-road monster. Unveiled at […]

Unveiling the Tesla-Powered Range Rover Classic Electric Conversion

Underneath its timeless exterior, this fully road-legal Range Rover masterpiece is powered by a Tesla-sourced electric drive system by British specialists, Inverted. The ‘Rangie’ boasts […]

Reviving Classics: Turning a Civic into an e-4WD!

In his latest video, Ryan at Rywire takes us on a captivating journey through his recently launched project to convert a classic Civic. The video […]

Morgan and Fellten's Electric Brainchild: The XP-1

Hold onto your hats, folks! Fellten and Morgan Motor Company have just unveiled the XP-1, an electric vehicle that’s a three-wheeled fusion of Morgan’s classic […]

London Doctor's Tesla Model X Transformation: From Skeptic to Electric Marvel

Brit Doctor Facelifts the Model X to Perfection Andrew Dharman, a London-based general practitioner, admits it was originally his wife, Kasiika, who suggested they get a […]

Jimmy Underhill's Electric Land Cruiser: Pioneering Off-Road Adventures

The Remarkable Conversion of a Gas-Guzzler to an Eco-Friendly 4×4 In the vast landscape of automotive evolution where gas-powered engines have long reigned supreme, one […]

Jason Halvorsen's Custom Mach-E: Illuminating Florida's EV Mod Scene

Jason Halvorsen’s Custom Ford Mach-E is Lighting Up the Florida Mod Scene Jason Halvorsen is a yacht captain who lives in Hollywood, Florida. He’s also […]

This electron-fed Mini can reach 60 mph in 8.5 seconds!

Bringing Together the Best of British EV Expertise  The Classic Mini has been a popular choice for EV conversions around the world due to not […]

Electrifying Horizons: The Rise of Custom EVs and Transformed Classics

As we wrap up this issue, one thing is crystal clear: The electrifying surge of enthusiasm for EV-converted classics and custom modern EVs is propelling […]