DANCING WITH THE STAR | the Econ 2002te

Bavarian Econs Revives the Ultimate Driving Machine Reviving the past while embracing the future is a delicate dance between nostalgia and innovation, and Bavarian Econs, […]

Building the CyberRoadster: A DIY Enthusiast's Journey to Create the Ultimate Tesla Before Tesla

One Man’s Quest to Build the Ultimate Tesla—Before Tesla! When Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveiled the Cybertruck in 2019, it was initially received with mixed […]

EV Powered 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint

This is the story of one of the most unlikely EV conversions ever made. This 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint was not even supposed to […]

E(LECTRIC)-TYPE JAG’ | Beware: You’re Entering Controversial

When Ed and Paul Watson, E-Type specialists, were approached by a customer to build an electric Series 1, they knew they were entering new territory—and […]

Becoming a Vehicle Technician in the UK: Qualifications and Pathways

  An automotive job involves maintenance, repair, and inspection of light trucks and other vehicles, which sounds simple on paper, but there’s more to becoming […]

EV Specialists Directory Around the World

EV Specialists Directory Around the World USA California EVwest.com UnpluggedPerformance.com EV4unow.com Supercoopers.com/etec Bisimoto.com  Scorpion-EV.com ZelectricMotors.com ElectricGT.com ZeroLabs.com West Coast LegacyEV.com HypercraftUSA.com EV-Works.com EVpartsSolutions.com ConductiveClassics.com IntoTheWyld.com […]

Retired Engineer's Thrilling Journey: Reviving a Classic Porsche with Model S Power

Retired Engineer Revs Up Classic Porsche with Model S Power  In 1960, a young Steve Rose celebrated his 8th birthday. His father had just finished […]

The Lightning GT: A Rare and Beautiful Electric Vehicle Gem

A Rare and Beautiful Historic EV  Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most beautiful EV you’ve neither heard of nor seen! This stunner is one of […]

Miami Electrify Expo Showoff’s Unparalleled Showcase

Diverse Displays and Dynamic Debuts Miami’s Electrify Showoff was nothing short of spectacular. While it may not have surpassed Long Beach in sheer size, the […]

Icon's Remarkable All-Electric 1949 Mercury Restoration

Icon’s All-Electric 1949 Jonathan Ward and his Los Angeles-based company Icon need no introduction. Appreciated by design masters and fanatics as well as Hollywood stars […]