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Becoming a Vehicle Technician in the UK: Qualifications and Pathways

  An automotive job involves maintenance, repair, and inspection of light trucks and other vehicles, which sounds simple on paper, but there’s more to becoming an automotive technician than that, as our friends at Electric for the people have found. It is a job that requires not only knowledge but also skills, but if you’re looking for…

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Tesla Model 3 Highland Unveiled, Tuners Are Already Excited

Tesla has officially unveiled the refreshed Model 3, codenamed "Project Highland," and Tesla tuners are already excited about the possibilities for modification. The updated electric vehicle sports a sleeker front-end design, more screen space, and increased range. One of the most anticipated changes is the new front end, which removes the bulbous bump in the…

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The Bridge Event Spotlights Sacrilege Motors’ Awesome Electrified Porsche 911

Sacrilege Motors is making waves in the world of electric cars. Fresh from their successful debut at Pebble Beach Concours, co-founders Phil Wagenheim and Bobby Singh are revving up for an exclusive showcase at The Bridge. For this special occasion, Sacrilege Motors will bring an electrifying exhibit to the forefront—a meticulously converted Porsche 911 America Roadster,…

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MINI and Fellten Team Up to Bring Electric Classic Minis to Australia and New Zealand (VIDEO)

MINI Australia and MINI New Zealand have just announced a new partnership with Fellten, a leading provider of electric vehicle conversion systems. Fellen's conversion-to-electric-vehicle bolt-on, plug-in, fully reversible system for the Classic Minis is a perfect fit for MINI's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The Fellten system is easy to install and does…

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