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EV NEWS | The Word on the Street Is…..

Tesla-Swapped Defender Restomod is a Brute Torque is an off-road vehicle’s best friend, so it made perfect sense when Land Rover specialists E.C.D. Automotive Design out of Kissimmee, Florida, debuted one of its latest builds, Project Britton. The six-seater sports tons of custom touches, with the major one being the 450-horsepower Tesla motor swap. Although…

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Legacy EV’s All-Electric ’71 C10 Breakdown!

Legacy EV’s All-Electric ’71 C10 In a scene dominated by LS engine swaps, the custom truck community has very few attention-commanding motor upgrades, though the tried-and-true 350 or something along the lines of an LT mill are readily available and reliable. Of course, builders can find other alternatives to these selections, but many have disregarded…

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WHAT YOU TORQUEIN’ WIT? – EV Gear Reduction and Driveline Setup

EV Gear Reduction and Driveline Setup Unlike internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles, the vast majority of EVs on the road today do not have a multi-speed transmission. Almost every OEM electric vehicle currently produced, including Teslas, BMWs, Rivians, and the Ford Mach E, use a single speed transmission that provides gear reduction from the EV…

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EV DICTIONARY | The Comprehensive Guide to EV Jargon—Version 1!

If you are coming from the world of ubiquitous LS engine swaps, turbo boost, and ignition timing, all the electric vehicle jargon being thrown around recently might leave your head spinning. This confusion is completely understandable as electric powertrains are a completely different beast than their fire-breathing counterparts. However, regardless of your background, the intoxicating…

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We are live! Finally a retrofitting and modifying publication for the EV Industry.

If you’re reading this guide, there’s a 99% chance I’m preaching to the, ahem, converted. EVs in general have faced a significant, yet unfounded, backlash over the years. But the EV revolution has tremendously changed the game in the last 24 months, with substantial EV adoption worldwide. That said, die-hard motorheads did not initially show the…

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