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Type 2 becomes awesome e-kombi

The debate of whether people would prefer a modern EV-powered VW Type 2 Bus over the new I.D. Buzz can be endless, especially for those nostalgic about the classic model. However, Volkswagen did not intend to start this discussion. Instead, the company wanted to commemorate the 20th anniversary of its former Electronics Research Laboratory (ERL),…

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Fellten shocks the retrofit EV world with V2L tech

A proprietary vehicle-to-load system powers 3kW electric devices - or EVs - straight from the battery! Vehicle-to-load is a bidirectional charging setup that transfers energy from an EV traction battery to power 120 or 240-Volt electric devices, a camping setup, power tools, a kettle, and several other gadgets simultaneously. Fellten’s V2L solution can even charge another electric…

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