E-Cobra! A Classic Revived with Electric Power

The E-Cobra—Swapping Cubic Inches for Volts In Denton, Texas, near Dallas, where the legacy of muscle cars endures as strongly as the state’s love for […]

Electric Evolution: EVs Shine at Barrett-Jackson Auction

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Electrifying Tradition: The SC31T Electric Truck by Southfield Classic

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Retrofitting the DeLorean for an Electric Future

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Jolting the Past: The Electrifying Transformation of a Classic 1993 Defender

The Daring Electric Conversion of a British Classic In the sun-dappled Bristol, UK, development workshop, a superb 1993 Arrow Red and Santorini Black Defender sits […]

Legacy EV's 1930 Ford Model A Electric Hot Rod: Honoring Tradition with Modern Electrification

Legacy EV’s 1930 Ford Model A Honor the Past, Protect the Future” is Legacy EV’s short-yet-sweet mission statement. While simple enough to say, these six […]

Fuel2Electric: The Ultimate Platform for EV Conversion Enthusiasts

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Electrifying Transformation of a Ferrari Classic, The Testa!

The Incredible E-Testarossa that Richard Rawlings Wanted to Call ‘Test-E’ Imagine a world where a classic Ferrari purrs absolutely silently. Sounds like heresy, right? Well, […]

Legacy EV's Education Roadshow! Transforming Workforce for the Growing Electric Vehicle Landscape

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WOW! Twin Tesla Powered 1985 Chevy C10 (In-Depth)

What if we said someone is swapping out the combustion engine in an old classic farm truck for a new fully electric Tesla Model S […]