Custom Wide Body 2020 Tesla Model 3

From Concept to Masterpiece

In Clifton, New Jersey, a new era in electric vehicle modification has emerged. AJ Velasco, a software solution engineer, embarked on a journey to transform his 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance into a masterpiece of automotive artistry and metal craftsmanship. 

The Artisan Spirits Black Label carbon fiber lip completes the frontend transformation.

Named Project 3.36, this endeavor embodies years of determination, passion, and an unwavering aspiration to push the boundaries of modified EVs. With its Porsche Mexico Blue finish, meticulously designed interior, and distinctive all-steel widebody extensions, AJ’s 3.2-second 0-to-60 creation stands as a testament to the growing potential within the realm of modified Teslas.

AJ’s journey continues, marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation. 

AJ’s journey continues, with plans to reimagine the air frunk setup with Squaretank components and a mesmerizing carbon fiber design. His vision extends to incorporating motion sensor RGB lights into the audio setup.

AJ’s path to EV innovation began with this Tesla Model 3 Performance. Considering traditional performance cars like the BMW M3 and Audi RS3, he was intrigued by Tesla’s affordability. A transformative test drive solidified his decision, setting him on a course that would lead to the realization of an extraordinary automotive achievement. After ordering his TM3P with just a few taps on his phone, AJ was soon the proud owner of his first EV, something he never thought he would even consider!

Mods came immediately upon receiving the car. What began as a simple wheel replacement due to a curb mishap evolved into a new set of wheels, and it all spiraled from there. A partnership with Alessandro “Alex” Tourtounis of 66 Customs NJ marked the turning point. Over a year of discussions, the project transitioned from simple mods to a bespoke metal widebody design.

Alex’s craftsmanship and dedication took center stage as he undertook the ambitious task of creating the metal widebody within a two-month timeframe for SEMA 2022. Sleepless nights and tireless effort breathed life into this visionary project, embodying Velasco’s unwavering commitment to advancing the realm of EV customization. The realization of the metal widebody project demanded four weeks of nonstop effort, with Alex working tirelessly for 21 to 24 hours daily. External expertise was enlisted, and AJ’s past experience from his time at a bodyshop proved invaluable as he gave a helping hand.

Alex Tourtounis of 66 Customs NJ masterfully hand-formed and welded the extended wheel arches, transforming steel into a chef d’oeuvre.

The pursuit of excellence extended to the wheels and spoiler, where collaborations with Rohana Wheels and Adro resulted in striking outcomes. The Rohana RFG15 rims with carbon fiber overlays, wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neova 275/35R20, complement the unique Adro swan-neck design, achieving a seamless blend of aesthetics and function.

The path from concept to masterpiece was marked by challenges. Three years of dedicated work and an investment of $75,000 were essential to shape a vehicle that would captivate both automotive enthusiasts and EV aficionados.

Expertly Tuned Suspension

AJ’s commitment to detail was exemplified in the chassis and suspension. Renowned builder Mikhail Katashev, known as Rat4life, painstakingly crafted the suspension. With Unplugged Performance sway bars, end links, and control arms, Mikhail installed an air-ride system composed of Universal Air bags, Viair compressors, and Seamless tanks.

As the vice president of Ruined EV, Velasco’s influence in the EV community expands beyond his own build. He is actively fostering the growth of the aftermarket EV industry and working to create a vibrant community for enthusiasts.
The cutting-edge Illusion Audio sound system takes center stage in Project 3.36, delivering an unparalleled audio experience.

Project 3.36 commands attention with its exterior aesthetics. The vibrant Porsche Mexico Blue, meticulously applied by 66Customs NJ, envelopes the bespoke widebody, creating a striking visual impact. Adding the Artisan Spirits Black Label carbon fiber lip kit and Teslux Innovations Plaid Series RGB headlights elevate its allure, while the Alpharex taillights add a unique touch.

Carismo Design’s Tai Fighter steering wheel is as radical as they come.

Crafted by Musaic Design, the interior boasts carbon fiber seatbacks and a Carismo Design Tai Fighter carbon fiber steering wheel. Illusion Audio components, including the Carbon C10XL Subwoofer, Focal amplifiers, and Soundshield Acoustic Foam Treatment, enhance the auditory experience. The Astell Kern SE200 High Res Music Player delivers an immersive audio experience.

AJ’s Ongoing Path

AJ’s journey continues, marked by an unwavering commitment to innovation. His next steps involve reimagining the air frunk setup with Squaretank components and integrating motion sensor RGB lights into the audio system, blending aesthetics and innovation. Eventually, he will complete his vision with a comprehensive reupholster of the interior, combining leather and Alcantara with the distinctive touch of tartan fabric.

As the vice president of the Ruined EV club, AJ’s influence transcends his individual project. He actively fosters the growth of the aftermarket EV sector and cultivates a vibrant community for enthusiasts. His pioneering spirit and meticulous approach stand as inspiration, inviting future builders to explore the boundless potential of EV customization. 

“For some reason, there’s much hate around EVs,” AJ says. “I imagine it’s from the fear of future mandates around new car EV requirements. There’s also a stigma out there that EVs are ‘soulless.’ I personally hope that gas cars don’t go away. I’m a car guy at heart. I would also like to think that EVs aren’t soulless … meaning, there are some of us as EV builders who put our heart and ‘soul’ into our builds.” 

The mesmerizing Teslux Innovations Plaid Series RGB headlights add a futuristic flair to AJ’s TM3P.

AJ’s journey remains a testament to the fusion of passion, innovation, and determination. From envisioning electrified overland vehicle builds in the near future to currently crafting electric bikes, his forthcoming projects promise to redefine conventions anew. In an era where the EV aftermarket segment is gaining momentum, AJ’s presence in the industry is set to expand, steering electric mobility toward an exciting new era.

Rohana RFG 15 rims wrapped in Yokohama Advan Neova tires barely hide the massive Mountain Pass Performance two-piece Page Mill rotors.

‘‘I currently struggle with if I want to go with an OEM EV build such as a Taycan or an Audi,” he says. “My gut tells me I want an EV conversion, like a classic MG, but the challenge is that it’ll be another car, and the build would probably be very similar to my Tesla.’’

The road ahead for AJ is defined by ceaseless curiosity, creativity, and dedication to shaping the electric vehicle landscape. As electrification gains traction, AJ’s story and transformative creations serve as a beacon for those seeking to redefine the limits of automotive ingenuity. With each project, he not only modifies vehicles but transforms an entire industry, encapsulating the boundless possibilities of an electrified automotive future.

THREE YEARS of dedicated work and a $75K investment were essential to shape a vehicle that would captivate auto enthusiasts and EV aficionados.

Special Thanks

AJ’s journey was made possible by the unwavering support of sponsors like 66CustomsNJ, Rat4Life, American Icon Finishes, POR15, Rohana Wheels, Yokohama Tires, Charged Up Performance, Always Clean Detailing, Electric Speed Design, MTM Autoworks, and MGM Paint & Autobody. Special thanks also go to Teslux Innovations, Mountain Pass Performance, Benny aka OEMPlusm3, Misha (Rat4life), Alex (66customsNJ), Jason (POR15), and the Ruined Tesla team.

From Hashtag to Trailblazer: The Ruined EV Car Club Story

Ruined EV had humble origins as a hashtag for the first bagged Teslas. With no ready-made kits available, enthusiasts gathered on Instagram to share ideas, troubleshoot, and support one another. This digital camaraderie evolved into a sought-after social media crew. Their journey progressed as they represented the group at car shows, culminating in a memorable gathering at SEMA 2022 that solidified their unity.

SEMA marked a turning point. Randi Bentia’s introduction of Neil Tjin, event manager at Electrify Expo, aligned their visions. What started as a hashtag became an industry-leading partner, driving EV brand awareness. Initially exclusive to top-tier Tesla builds, Ruined EV expanded its horizons to include all modern EV builds, bikes, and conversions, reflecting the industry’s shift.

The VP of Ruined EV is at the helm, responsible for industry strategy and overseeing the North East chapter. They forge partnerships, guide the team’s vision, and offer unwavering support. As the industry evolves, Ruined EV seeks partnerships to shape the future of the EV aftermarket. Contact AJ at to collaborate.


AJ Velasco

  • Location: Clifton, NJ
  • Year, Make, Model: 2020 Tesla Model 3 Performance
  • Vehicle Name: Project 3.36
  • Overall Vehicle Weight: 4,100 pounds
  • Amount of Time to Build: Three years
  • Cost to Build: $75,000
  • Occupation: Software Solution Engineer

Motor & Drivetrain 

  • Model: L13 211kw rear motor, 147kw front motor
  • Power: 358 kW/480 hp
  • Torque: 660 Nm/487 lb-ft
  • Voltage: 357V
  • 0 to 60 time: 3.2 seconds
  • ¼ mile time: 11.5 seconds

Battery System & Charger

  • Pack Design: Stock
  • Cell Type: 2170 lithium ion
  • Battery Capacity: 75 kW/h
  • Highway Range: 291 miles
  • DC Fast Charging: Up to 250 kW


  • Installation Shop: Mikhail Katashev, a.k.a. Rat4life
  • Chassis: Unplugged Performance front and rear sway bars, Unplugged Performance end links
  • Rear Suspension Setup: Mountain Pass Performance rear camber and toe arms
  • Control Arms: Unplugged Performance front upper control arms
  • Air-Ride System: Universal Air bags, Viair compressors, Seamless tanks
  • Air-Management System: Airlift 3H Management with level sensors

Wheels, Tires & Brakes 

  • Rims: Rohana RFG 15, CF Barrel/Aircraft Grey Face, 20×11.5 -5
  • Tires: Yokohama Advan Neova 275/35R20
  • Brakes: Mountain Pass Performance two-piece Page Mill rotors


  • Paint Shop: 66Customs NJ
  • Color: Porsche Mexico Blue (Paint code 336)
  • Bumpers: Custom-made widebody Model 3 front bumper
  • Body Mods: Custom hand-shaped metal widebody
  • Headlights: Teslux Innovations “Plaid” Series RGB headlights
  • Taillights: Alpharex Taillights
  • Body Kit: Artisan Spirits Black Label carbon fiber lip kit
  • Other: Revozsport carbon fiber hood, Adro swan neck spoiler


  • Install Shop: Musaic Design
  • Seats: Carbon fiber seatbacks
  • Steering Wheel: Carismo Design Tai Fighter carbon fiber steering wheel
  • Subwoofers: Illusion Audio Carbon C10XL subwoofer
  • Amplifiers: Focal FPX5.1200 AMP, Focal FPX4.400 SQ amp
  • Speakers: Illusion Audio C3CX components, Illusion Audio Carbon 8-inch midbass speakers
  • Other: AMAS 96k High-Res Bluetooth, Mosconi RCD Controller, Mosconi Mos-Bluetooth management, Mosconi 8 to 12 Pro Aerospace DSP, Soundshield acoustic foam treatment, Stinger 6000 Series RCA cables, Astell Kern SE200 high-res music player, custom sub enclosure, custom amp rack, carbon fiber interior trim
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Custom Wide Body 2020 Tesla Model 3

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