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Crazy Narrowed Tesla System Mod!

Check out 'Car-Roll Builds' latest project as he puts a Telsa Model 3 motor in what might be the narrowest Tesla subframe ever made. With some trial and error it is now ready to put under…

Toyota To Convert Classics and older cars Into EVs

Akio Toyoda, head of Toyota, wants his company and all companies to fight global emissions. So his plan is for Toyota to convert gas-powered cars into electric or hydrogen power. First, hundreds of millions of…

Recycling Trucks Specialist Embraces EV Conversion On Massive Scale

In 2018 David Lorenz scribbled down some ideas for a new business venture. He wanted to identify different vehicle types which he could convert to electric. This is how retrofit specialist Lunaz started, as Rod…

Electrified 1969 Bronco Rocks CES

While CES in Las Vegas isn't about cars, EVs and cars in general cars became more and more digitalized, and carmakers have become more and more attracted to the Las Vegas electronics show, as…

EV DICTIONARY | The Comprehensive Guide to EV Jargon—Version 1!

If you are coming from the world of ubiquitous LS engine swaps, turbo boost, and ignition timing, all the electric vehicle jargon being thrown around recently might leave your head spinning. This confusion is completely…

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