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Electrify Expo Rocks Long Beach, CA.

The buzz from Electrify Expo is still in the air! This three-day festival celebrating electric vehicles was held at the Long Beach Convention Center in California, and from May 19 to 21 it was a wild ride that blew my expectations out of the water. Trust me, this event was one for the books! With a mind-blowing number of exhibitors (seriously, there were over 150 exhibitors at this event), over 33,000 demo rides, and a bunch of new attractions, it was an unforgettable experience! So, let’s get right into the amazing moments that made Electrify Expo an absolute must-see.

Electrify Showoff: Spotlight on Stunning EV Conversions, Electrified Classics, and Cutting-Edge Tech

CJ Tesla Model 3 Ruined EV - The Electric Playground: Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

Right in the heart of all the action at Long Beach, the first-ever Electrify Showoff stole the show amidst the hustle and bustle of EV companies and e-bike exhibits. Thanks to Yokohama‘s sponsorship, this incredible custom car show featured an impressive lineup of about 90 EVs and over 20 exhibitors. Local aftermarket enthusiasts brought out the big guns with a wide variety of modified Teslas, classic cars that were converted to run on electricity, trikes, and even purpose-built electric cars designed specifically for motorsports.

Ryan Rywire Honda S2000 EV Tesla Tjin Edition Ford Mach-E at Industry Day - The Electric Playground Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

Some seriously influential figures stole the spotlight at Electrify Expo! One of them is none other than Ryan Basseri of RyWire Motorsport Electronics. He brought the heat with two of his electric conversions. His jaw-dropping S2000, a project that made waves at SEMA in 2022. This beauty caught everyone’s attention with its discreetly modified exterior and intriguing deleted exhaust openings. Basseri had another trick up his sleeve – a red 6th-generation Honda Civic hatchback that left visitors in awe. Why? Well, this bad boy incorporated Tesla motors, delivering power to all four wheels through AEM Electronics’ EV control solutions. It was a mind-blowing creation that showcased the limitless possibilities of electric conversions.

Dai Yosihara Tesla Model 3 Evasive Motorsports Yokohama - The Electric Playground Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

Another vehicle that caught everyone’s eye was a Tesla Model 3, masterfully built by Evasive Motorsports and driven by the skilled Dai Yoshihara. Now, during the 2021 Pikes Peak hill climb, they faced some electrical troubles, but guess what? They bounced back like champions in 2022! Not only did they secure the fastest time among all the EV competitors, but they also snagged a super impressive ninth-place finish overall. It was an absolute triumph for the team!

Electrify Showoff - The Electric Playground Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

If you’re a fan of classic cars, you wouldn’t believe the amazing rides that got everyone hyped at the show! Conductive Classics totally rocked it with their electric conversion of a 1964 Galaxie, while Current LA blew minds with their reimagined 1932 EV Deuce. Additionally, the rebuilt 1957 Chevrolet Bel EV by Current stole the spotlight too, showcasing this perfect fusion of vintage looks and cutting-edge electric power, and winning the “Best of Show” award in the inaugural Electrify Showoff. It was like witnessing the best of both worlds come together in one seriously cool package.

SIERRA ECHO EV HyperCraft Hoonigan Lucy Block Ken Block Yokohama Pikes Peak Hill Climb - The Electric Playground: Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

The Sierra Echo EV was showcased at the Hypercraft booth, representing the collaboration between SIERRA Cars and Hypercraft. And guess what? During Industry Day, SIERRA Cars Founder and Professional Racecar Driver Cole Powelson and Hypercraft Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Jonathon Miller announced that Lucy Block, who’s not only a rally driver but also the wife of the legendary late Ken Block, will be taking part in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to honor her husband’s legacy and raise awareness for the 43 Institute. Now, let me tell you about the Sierra Echo EV itself. This custom EV is packed with state-of-the-art technology and powered by Hypercraft’s electric drive system. It’s like a powerhouse on wheels!

Bisimoto Porsche 911 Ryan Rywire Honda Civic Tesla Toyo Tires - The Electric Playground Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

People were going crazy for Porsches with electric powertrains at the show! It was all the rage, and companies like ReVolt Systems and Ampere EV were right in the mix, offering conversion kits that make the whole process a breeze (and affordable too). The Toyo booth had this mind-blowing electric 911 that was converted from a 935, and it was all thanks to the genius Bisi Ezerioha. This bad boy was equipped with a beastly three-phase motor pumping out over 600 horsepower, and they cleverly hid the battery packs too. Bisi’s previous Porsche EV project, a 1984 935, had already made waves back in 2020. That guy knows how to turn heads!

AutoFashion Tesla Model 3 - The Electric Playground Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

There were so many other modified electric rides at the Electrify Showoff that made a serious statement! AutoFashion brought their A-game with a widebody Model 3 that was straight-up drool-worthy. And let’s not forget about the Tjin Edition Fords that were on display. Picture this: an attention-grabbing orange Mach-E on bags, looking all sleek and stylish. Tjin also had an F-150 Lightning that was built for overlanding, ready to take on any adventure you throw at it. These unique modifications had everyone in awe.

Electrify Showoff was like a sneak peek into the future of electric car customization and mods. It was insane! You could feel the energy and excitement in the air. It’s clear that we’re on the verge of a revolution. The growth potential for this scene is staggering, in my opinion, and we’re talking about exponential growth here, with more mind-blowing stuff coming our way in the years to come.

Electrify Expo Ignited a Transcendent Era of Electric Vehicles and Enthusiasts Globally

33,000 Demo Rides - The Electric Playground Electrify Expo 2023 Tour Starts in Long Beach

Electrify Expo is like the ultimate celebration of e-mobility, bringing together the top dogs in the industry, showcasing the absolute cutting-edge in vehicles, and giving everyone an insane and immersive experience. Despite the 6-hour flight, I am still energized by the experience of Long Beach. This feeling remains even as I gather my thoughts for this coverage. It was all about groundbreaking innovations and unforgettable moments. This festival was a total game-changer, showing us just how fast the electric vehicle sector is progressing and how much potential it holds.

It’s bittersweet saying goodbye to this year’s Electrify Expo in Long Beach, but you know what? I’m already stoked for the six remaining events on the Electrify Expo 2023 tour! This whole thing was a game-changer, bringing electric mobility and car enthusiasts together for an absolutely epic experience. Each day that passes gets us closer to a future where EVs are totally accessible and adaptable, ready to take over the roads and steal the hearts of car enthusiasts worldwide. Electrify Expo was just the beginning, and we’re in for some seriously mind-blowing things ahead. So stay charged and get ready, because the future of electric cars is about to steal the spotlight!

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2023 Electrify Expo Schedule

May 19-21 Long Beach, CA
June 24-25 San Francisco, CA
July 22-23 Washington, DC
Aug. 12-13 Long Island, NY
Sept. 9-10 Seattle, WA
Oct. 14-15 Miami, FL
Nov. 10-12 Austin, TX

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