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Revved Up and Electric: Kelli Hunsaker’s Incredible $35,000 Custom Tesla Plaid Build

Revved Up and Electric: A Dream Tesla Plaid Build  We all have that one ride we’ve been dreaming about and saving for, and for Kelli Hunsaker, a real estate guru, it was a 2022 Tesla Plaid. This electric powerhouse is no ordinary car; it’s packed with specs that’ll leave even the most seasoned gearheads goin’…

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THE $25K Tesla “Model 2” is already here in L.A’s Tesla Center! (but it’s not what you think!)

In an unexpected turn of events, the talented team at TSK Club stumbled upon a remarkable achievement—the production of an affordable and efficient electric vehicle that the world had been eagerly awaiting: Model 2, the shortest Tesla Model 3 ever made. This impressive feat was a natural progression of their ongoing project, a Gullwing Mercedes-Benz bodied…

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Electric Jaguar E-Types in the works in Florida

Florida-based ECD Automotive Design will soon offer Tesla motor and battery-equipped Jaguar E-Types, along with their Land Rover Defenders and Range Rovers offering. Headquartered in Kissimmee, FL. the ECD team focuses on superior quality, luxury and high-performance EV-retrofits. The 'Jags' receive a Tesla Model S 100kWh pack under the iconic 'bonnet', giving the team confidence their electric…

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