E-Cobra! A Classic Revived with Electric Power

The E-Cobra—Swapping Cubic Inches for Volts

In Denton, Texas, near Dallas, where the legacy of muscle cars endures as strongly as the state’s love for barbecue and football, a new local innovator, E-Muscle Cars, is shifting the automotive landscape. Founded by Kevin Emr and Bill Schofield, this visionary duo is on a mission to blend the rebellious spirit of classic American muscle cars with the forward-thinking ethos of electric vehicles. Leading their electrifying lineup is the E-Cobra, a machine that not only looks like it has leaped directly from the ’60s, but also boasts the power of tomorrow’s technology.

Kevin Emr’s transition from a die-hard gearhead to the president of an EV conversion company is a tale worthy of any car enthusiast’s dream. When Schofield, Emr’s former associate and a retiree disillusioned with the hassles of classic car maintenance, proposed the idea of electrification, it was an offer Emr couldn’t refuse. Together, they’ve steered into electric conversions with the E-Cobra, embodying their shared goal: to preserve the essence of the classic car era, now with an electric pulse.

Mastering corners with adjustable coil-over suspension for razor-sharp handling.

The E-Cobra begins its journey as a brand-new, licensed Shelby Cobra chassis from Superformance; the team at E-Muscle Cars skillfully transforms these timeless machines into electric dynamos. The traditional gas engine and transmission make way for a Tesla Performance large drive unit, delivering over 466kW/625hp and boasting a max voltage of 427 volts—a witty homage to the iconic 427 cubic-inch engines. This electrified Cobra not only maintains the legacy of its ancestor with a blistering 0-60 mph time of approximately 2.5 seconds but also sets new benchmarks in performance. This formidable power source, coupled with a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing limited slip differential and controlled by an AEM VCU200 motor control unit, ensures that the E-Cobra delivers an exhilarating driving experience, honoring the spirit of the original.

E-Muscle Cars’ ambition stretches beyond mere electrification; they endow their creations with unparalleled versatility. 

Battery Technology and Charging: Sustaining Performance

The cornerstone of the E-Cobra’s endurance and performance lies in its battery system. Standard models are equipped with a 32kWh pack using LG Chem battery modules managed by a Dilithium MCU, ensuring reliable and safe power delivery. For those seeking extended adventures, an optional long-range pack featuring a 66kWh array utilizing Mercedes battery modules and Orion battery management expands horizons with increased range capabilities. Safety is paramount; all batteries are strategically installed behind the front axle, minimizing risk in a collision, coupled with an inertia switch that disengages all high-voltage systems upon impact.

Classic Cobra gauges reimagined for the electric era, tracking performance with vintage flair.

The transition to electric power demands not just adjustments to the vehicle’s powertrain but a holistic rethinking of its dynamics and handling. The E-Cobra rises to this challenge with an adjustable coilover suspension system, custom-tailored spring rates for improved weight distribution, and handling characteristics that surpass the original ICE Superformance variant. Wilwood performance brakes at both front and rear ensure that the E-Cobra’s increased performance is matched by its stopping power. Complementing these enhancements, an E-MC-designed undertray improves under-vehicle aerodynamics and battery cooling, marrying efficiency with performance.

Inside, the E-Cobra remains faithful to its heritage while embracing the future. Custom Cobra gauges have been reimagined to display critical performance and battery specifications, offering a nod to the past with a focus on the future. An optional data logging LED display, keyless ignition controls, and additional storage in a carpet-lined front trunk exemplify how E-Muscle Cars has thoughtfully integrated modern conveniences into this classic framework.

Kevin Emr, a product development engineer with a deep-rooted passion for cars, found the direction of his career dramatically shifted with a single phone call from Bill Schofield. Together, they brought E-Muscle Cars to life!

Driving Modes for Every Occasion

E-Muscle Cars’ ambition stretches beyond mere electrification; they endow their creations with unparalleled versatility. The E-Cobra boasts multiple driving modes, including valet, standard, track, and an adventurous “donut” mode, each designed to optimize performance for every scenario. Whether showcasing, racing, or enjoying a casual drive, the E-Cobra promises unmatched delivery.

Beyond its breath-taking performance, the E-Cobra surprises with a practical front trunk, providing storage space despite its extensive battery packs. The vehicle’s robust steel frame is expertly modified to house the electric drivetrain.

The meticulous attention to detail extends through every aspect of the E-Cobra, from the selection of Wilwood braking systems to the custom, center-lock wheels that retain the Cobra’s classic aesthetic while upgrading its performance and safety for today’s roads.

The iconic gas cap now conceals a J1772 charging port, marrying past and present.

E-Muscle Cars: Forging the Future

For Kevin Emr and the team at E-Muscle Cars, the E-Cobra marks just the beginning of their journey. They’re at the vanguard of a new automotive era with plans to expand their electrified lineup to include Mustangs, Camaros, and Corvettes. It’s a future where muscle cars not only captivate the eye but also lead the charge toward a sustainable, thrilling driving experience.

E-Muscle Cars presents a unique proposition: the opportunity to own a piece of history, revitalized and prepared for the future. As they gear up for an exhilarating future, their commitment to innovation, excellence, and the enduring spirit of American muscle remains steadfast. With E-Muscle Cars at the helm, the road ahead is electric, exciting, and undeniably classic.

The 32kWh LG Chem battery pack, neatly housed for optimal power delivery.
The meticulous attention to detail extends from the braking systems and center-lock wheels to the luxurious interior.

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