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Miami Electrify Expo Showoff’s Unparalleled Showcase

Diverse Displays and Dynamic Debuts

Image showcasing Best Booth Car presented by Vossen Wheels award with Michael Mogilewski and his 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid

Miami’s Electrify Showoff was nothing short of spectacular. While it may not have surpassed Long Beach in sheer size, the sheer energy and diversity of the show was unparalleled. The grounds were so expansive that one couldn’t see from Toyo Tire’s setup all the way to the lounge.

Leading Brands and Their Remarkable Car Displays

Toyo Tires stood out with Bisi Ezerioha‘s four cars on display, including his latest acquisition: a new Tesla Model S Plaid. Hankook Tire introduced their innovative booth complete with a Tint World Porsche Taycan on display, and racing game simulators that engaged many. Under Steve’s leadership at Alpine Electronics, they partnered with Sturgis Griffin from RUINED EV to showcase a 2021 Tesla Model Y, which won the award for Best SUV. The audio system Alpine fitted into that vehicle left many attendees in awe.


Celebrating Automotive Excellence from Coast to Coast

From far and wide, participants made their mark. David Perez from RUINED EV, who traveled all the way from New York, won the Best Audio. Seatbelt Planet, not to be outdone, arrived from Oklahoma. Yokohama Tires made a notable appearance, displaying Blake Fuller’s Tesla Model 3 Performance that bagged the Best Performance award presented by Borla.


Image showcasing Best Performance presented by Borla award with Blake Fuller and his Tesla Model 3 in the Yokohama Tire booth


Borla introduced their new system for the Ford F-150 Lightning, while steadfast supporter STEK made their presence felt, having been a regular at all the shows this year. Vossen Wheels, showcased seven cars, taking home multiple awards including three distinct honors. RUINED EV won accolades for Best Crew, Best Sedan, and Best Audio. Stuart Broderick’s outstanding Porsche Taycan was recognized as the Best Stance.


Image showcasing STEK protective paint films (PPF) on a Tesla Model 3 at Electrify Showoff in Miami


From Golf Carts to Award-Winning Jeeps

Noteworthy were the two golf carts, one remote-controlled by Michael Snow. The Tint World Tour, a collaboration with Hankook Tire, made a memorable journey from Orlando to Miami, promising even more such tours in the coming year. South Florida Jeeps garnered attention with their wide-body Rivian and Jeep – the latter sweeping awards including Best of Show presented by Yokohama, Best Paint, and Best EV Conversion. The sheer variety was evident with a mix of OEM cars, wide-body vehicles, golf carts, and more. Jack Rabbit‘s array of custom electric bikes (micro bikes) added another dimension to the already diverse show.



In summary, the Electrify Showoff at Electrify Expo in Miami was an electrifying blend of innovation, creativity, and passion. As the curtains drew on this event, the anticipation is already building for the next stop: Austin.


Spotlight on Miami’s Electrify Showoff 2023 Award Winners

Image showcasing the award winners at Electrify Showoff in Miami


One of the most awaited moments at Electrify Expo in Miami was the Electrify Showoff awards ceremony, where the crème de la crème of electric vehicles were honored. Hats off to the champions of the Miami 2023 leg!


Category Name Vehicle
Best Sedan William Madayag 2021 Tesla Model 3
Best Coupe Bisimoto Porsche 356
Best Use of Frunk David Perez 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Audio by Alpine David Perez 2021 Tesla Model 3 Performance
Best Interior by Seatbelt Planet William Madayag 2021 Tesla Model 3
Best Performance presented by Borla Blake Fuller Tesla Model 3
Best Paint Jerry Eisenband Jeep Wrangler
Best Wrap/Graphics presented by STEK Jason Halvorsen 2021 Mustang Mach-E GT
Best Stance Stuart Broderick 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S
Best Wheel/Tire Package presented by Toyo Tires Jeremy from Vossen Mercedes EQS
Best E-Bike presented by Jack Rabbit Joseph Kinyua
Best Motorcycle Danial Ghattas Custom Motorcycle
Best Scooter/Skateboard David Perez
Best SUV Sturgis Griffin 2021 Tesla Model Y
Best Truck Jerry Eisenband Rivian R1T
Best Booth Car presented by Vossen Michael “Mojo” Mogilewski 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid
Best EV Conversion Jerry Eisenband Jeep Wrangler
Best Kicks presented by Grails Jason Halvorsen Off White The 50 Dunks
Best of Show presented by Yokohama Jerry Eisenband Jeep Wrangler

With such diverse winners, it’s clear that the future of EVs in Miami is as bright as its sunshine. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for lighting up the event!


EV’s, Nostalgia, and A Glimpse into the Future of Showoff Events

Neil Tjin, the Director of Electrify Showoff, shared his experience: “The East Coast never disappoints, and going back to my old stomping grounds (the 305) made me feel like a teenager again! Going back home, and seeing all the EV builds at Showoff, brought me back to my roots. We had some of the cleanest, lowest, and brightest OEM EV’s at Showoff Miami, but at the end of the day, an EV conversion took home Best of Show. This was one of the largest Showoff events of 2023, and a great example of what Showoff is all about. With partners like Yokohama, Stek, Seat Belt Planet, Toyo Tires, Vossen Wheels, Borla, Alloy Gator, Tint World, Alpine, and Hankook to name a few, you can see where we are taking Showoff! Beyond thankful for the opportunity to hang out with family and friends, and to have them experience Electrify Showoff. Now it is time to get ready for Austin, and blow everyone away at Circuit of the Americas, in Austin!”


So, where to go next? Austin is the next and final stop of the 2023 Electrify Expo schedule. And let me tell you, the stakes are high. Think consumers test-driving brand-new EVs on the legendary Formula 1 Race Track. Talk about putting the pedal to the metal! Mark your calendars for November 10-12. And hey, if you’re part of the EV industry, there’s even an Industry Day on November 10. Networking, brand announcements, and maybe, just maybe, a sneak peek at the next big thing in the world of EVs.

Tickets? They’re already up for grabs. Go on, make the electrifying choice, and grab yours here.


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